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Match notes

Postby Tricky » Sun Oct 09, 2016 8:30 pm

I'm going to use this thread as a record of the matches we play.

09/10/16 - DBNation $500 Anniversary Cup link
Players involved: BananaCreamMan, Blackclaw, Ginro, Ricky, Tricky

The Good
A great opportunity to work on our comp play in a big event and some great teams. We knew playing KUMY first would be tough but being double elim had hoped to get more out of the following games.

The Bad
Unfortunately the event organising was poor (or understaffed). After a wait due to a first round bye we got hammered by KUMY and dropped to the lower bracket. After a lot of waiting around for a lower bracket game we never one. Games against Karma, Reservoir Dogs being walkovers and facing another long wait for the next match we didn't have the motivation or the players to continue. Around 4 hours in total spent in total for only one actual match.

Getting involved with organised matches is good experience and helps bring us up to the level we want to play at. On this occasion not much was learn but hopefully next time.

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