Hero Breakdown Ana

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Hero Breakdown Ana

Postby MolotovKoktease » Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:02 pm

Since the OW portion of Creed is expanding, might as well dump info here on the heroes, since knowledge is power, on a quick tangent since I'm neither from the UK or the US please bear with me with any typos. And correct me in any of them as well as things not being formatted as they should any help would be appreciated.

Reserved - Work In Progress....

Note: Values and/or other parts of guides might not be updated, please bare with me whilst I update them also contact me on discord to make sure I get the new patch notes to better facilitate the updating and making these guides up to snuff. Also post your thoughts.

-> Ana


Role: SupportImage

Difficulty :ImageImageImage

Base Health/Maximum Health:200/300

Maximum Health Breakdown: 300 Base Health:200 Armor: 75 Shields:25

Weapons & Abilities:

Biotic Rifle


Clip Size 10 rounds.
Damage: 80 per shot.
Fire Rate: 1.2 rounds per second.
Reload Speed: 1.5 seconds.
Healing: 75 HP per shot.
Headshot: No.

Ana's Biotic Rifle has two simple objectives: To heal her teammates and to damage her enemies by simply shooting either one.

Biotic Rifle Mechanics:

*When shooting an ally, you will see a visual cloud over the ally along with an audio beep as well.
*There is no fall-off distance damage.
*Both scoped and unscoped shots will share the same target hitbox sizes.
*Unscoped shots fire fast moving projectiles that have no arks.
*Scoped shots fire hitscan bullets (no travel time).
*There are no headshots with the Biotic Rifle. Focusing on aiming at body shots to heal allies or damage enemies makes things a bit easier.
*Allies will have bigger hitboxes than enemies by about 50%. This makes shooting at allies a much easier target than enemies. This should also effect your decision to shoot at allies more often than enemies.
*Reload with at least 1 bullet in your clip, it cuts down the reload time.

Biotic Grenade


Cooldown: 10 seconds.
Duration: 5 seconds.
Healing Factor : +100 HP for all allies in the blast vicinity (including Ana herself), 2X other Healing Sources.
Debuff Factor: All enemies hit in the blast vicinity will not be able to heal for a set amount of time.

Ana's Biotic Grenade has a similar effect Biotic Rifle, in which it has the capabilities to heal allies and damage enemies, the caveat being it's in a small blast radius, where it differs is in its healing effects for both enemies and allies. Biotic Grenades will also double all healing effects to allies and will prevent all healing on enemies for its duration for those struck in the blast radius.

Biotic Grenade's Healing Potential

*Ana's Biotic Rifle: Normally 75hp per shot. This increases to 150hp per shot with a Biotic Grenade.
*Mercy's Caduceus Staff: Normally 50hp per second (only one ally at a time). This increases to 100hp per second with a Biotic Grenade.
*Lucio's Healing Aura: Normally 12hp per second (for all allies within 30 meters of Lucio's line of sight). This increases to 24hp per second with Biotic Grenade.
*Lucio's Amped Healing Aura: Normally 40hp per second for 3 seconds (once every 12 seconds). This increases to 80hp per second with Biotic Grenade.

Sleep Dart


Cooldown: 12 seconds.
Duration: 5 seconds.

Ana's utility weapon, Sleep Darts, provides a great way to disable an individual enemy from battle, they can serve multiple uses, the main ones being: crowd control, stopping enemy ultimates, and providing Ana with a sort of "get out of jail free card".

Sleep Dart Mechanics:

*Sleep Darts can damage things that are constructed.
*Zenyatta is immune to Sleep Darts while having Transcendence on, but your still able to put other enemies to sleep under the Transcendence.
*Shields, barriers and D.va's Defense Matrix will block Sleep Darts.

Crowd Control:

Disabling an enemy from combat with a Sleep Dart will give your team a huge boost being 6v5. However the main issue is that any form of damage dealt will wake up the "sleeping beauty" it's imperative that you call out who you put to sleep in order for your team to either focus fire them or prioritise to a even bigger threat.

Denying Enemy Ultimates:

Another one of the Sleep Darts uses is being able to :penis: block an enemy ultimate, needless to say this can have a huge impact on the game. The following are a good example either by their large hitbox or for the fact that they are slow whilst performing their Ultimate:
*McCree's Deadeye
*Pharah's Barrage
*Reaper's Deathblossom
*Roadhog's Whole Hog
*Winston's Primal Rage
*Bastion (in this case in Turret Form, also in Tank but much harder to hit in that state)

Ace in the Hole:

Ana's main weakness overall his her lack of mobility, which can make it hard to run away from offensive flankers, your Sleep Darts provides a nice solution to this problem. When being dived on by someone you have a chance to aim and fire a quick sleep dart focus fire them and move somewhere else. The tricky part is aiming for the small hitbox, fast moving heroes like Tracer or Genji.

Ultimate Ability:

Nano Boost:


Duration: 8 seconds
Damage Output:+50%
Damage Reduction: -50%
Speed Boost: +30%

Ana's ultimate turns one of her allies into The Terminator for 8 seconds. Nano Boost will increase the damage output, damage reduction and speed of the teammate that receives it.

Knowing If you Have Been Nano Boosted

If you have been Nano Boosted by Ana, you will see a bluish hue across the edges of your screen along with lightning flares coming from the edges as well.


Players will look like this in-game:



Ana is Good Against:

*Zenyatta: his slow movement and poor mobility makes sniping him fairly easy for Ana, sniping from a distance will also help keep you safe if he decides to throw his Discord Orb on you.Sleep Darts can be effective against Zenyatta but it can be hard to aim at him if he is a long distance away, it also won't remove his orbs as they will still remain active while he sleeps.
Biotic Grenades are also a good counter to Zenyatta's ultimate Transcendence, throw a Biotic Grenade at enemies within Transcendence's radius and they will not receive the healing benefits from the Transcendence but he himself will be invulnerable.

*Bastion: Ana can lay the smackdown on Bastion. Since Ana snipes from a distance she is virtually safe from Bastion's Sentry and Turret weapons, the most potent thing Ana can do against a Bastion is to simply fire a Sleep Dart at him to disable him from combat for a short period of time.Giving other allies (especially flankers like Tracer, Reaper and Genji) more than enough time to finish him off.

*RoadHog: he is the easiest Off-Tank for Ana to deal with, since he has in Take A Breather. Ana can use her Biotic Grenades on him to prevent him from using it for a short period of time, this can easily mean the death of a Roadhog in many situations.
Roadhog's large hitbox makes hitting him fairly easy with the Biotic Rifle and especially Sleep Darts, putting him to sleep is very beneficial as it will keep his deadly Chain Hook away from you and your team for a short while along with his insane close up Scrap Gun DPS.

Ana is Bad Against:

*Winston: he will give Ana a hard time due to his ability to block Biotic Rifle shots, Sleep Darts and Biotic Grenades with his Barrier Projector, this can and will help protect his allies against all of your attacks and can increase their healing potential by blocking Biotic Grenades.
Winston also excels at flanking Ana quickly by leaping up close and taking you on with his Tesla Cannon,a well aimed Sleep Dart is your best hope at surviving his wild close up leaps.

*Tracer: her fast Blinks and small hitbox will make it very difficult to land Biotic Rifle shots at her along with Sleep Darts as well, this makes Tracer one of the best flankers against Ana.
Even if you do land a Sleep Dart on Tracer, it will allow all her Blinks and Recall to replenish which will allow her to escape or reposition somewhere else very fast once she awakens.

*Genji: he is another fast offensive flanker that will be tough for Ana to deal with. One of the main issues when dealing with Genji is his Deflect, as it will deflect all of your normal abilities, meaning that firing a Sleep Dart at Genji's Deflect could put you to sleep instead or your Biotic Grenade could come back at you to prevent healing done on you or your team.
So be very cautious around Genji and watch out for his Deflect and don't fire at him during that time, landing a Sleep Dart on Genji is going to be difficult, because his Deflect along with his Swift Strike and double jumps will make it extremely hard for you, if you do manage to put Genji to sleep it will also make his cooldowns for Swift Strike and Deflect wind down making him more powerful once he awakens.
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Postby aczh » Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:11 pm


Primary fire: beam which does 80DPS - 160DPS
Secondary fire: grenade which does 46DPS-92DPS

To maximize DPS, damage with beam and finish off with grenade.
With squishy characters, juggle them with your nade.

Skill: BARRIER (Personal and Projected)
Personal barrier: 10 sec CD, 200 hp, 2 seconds, 50 energy if fully depleted
Projected barrier: 8 sec CD, 200 hp, 2 seconds, 50 energy if fully depleted.

1. Zarya is not very tank when her barriers are on cooldown. Good players will go on you if they see you waste personal barrier.

2. Best way to charge your weapon/use barrier:

    Shield up and just stand still. Morons will shoot you.
    Pharah rockets
    Bastion always shoots you.
    Torjborn turret
    Rhineheardt fire strike (instant 50 energy)
    Any offensive ultimate
    Saving someone/yourself from mei freeze

Gravity bomb that draws enemies into a single location.

1. Your ultimate is a PROJECTILE. Fire it at the ground where you want your ult to go off, fire it at a wall, whatever. It can be bodyblocked.

2. Zarya ultimate counters (hard counters are bolded):
    D.va absorb (D.va can absorb your ult projectile)
    Genji deflect (Genji can deflect your ult projectile, and turn it against you)
    Zenyatta ult
    Mercy ult

    Mei wall
    Winston shield
    Rein shield
    Tracer/Reaper/Rein escape
    Lucio ult

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