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Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:34 pm
by Kine

Medium Attack Vessel
Average Joe - Nothing Fancy - No Frills - All Rounder DPS

Don't get me wrong, Reaper is a very very good DPS boat. Top 3 best DPS on my list in-fact. Definitely a safe pick. It's just isn't as flashy like the Furion or Interceptor.

Interceptor = Very Good Long-Medium range. Bad Close range
Furion = Very Good Medium-Close range. Bad Long range
Reaper = OK Long-Medium-Close range

What makes the Reaper stand out is its' skill set. Right click weapon deletes armor instantly and has the same cooldown length as its' missiles. Having an on demand armor eraser is a big deal in Fractured space. Being able to combo that with your own missiles is absolutely cake. Cooldowns short enough to use it multiple times per engagement, well that's just rude. To round all that off, Reaper has a god mode shield that good players use to bait then block huge alpha burst damage.

This ship has a cult following. Those who fly it swear that it's the best DPS ship in the game. I disagree. I thinks it's a good baseline ship for the DPS class. And I say this because unlike Furion or Interceptor the Reaper cannot impose itself on the enemy and make an impact. It's responsive but passive. Furion can make big plays ... timing their runs and deleting someone from the battlefield almost at will when there's an opening. Interceptor has huge burst that when it chunks someone down you have no choice but to respond to it.

While Reaper - it just pew pews. Safely. Reliably.

Space Volvo.

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Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:23 pm
by Kine

Light Support
According to lore this ship used to be a cargo hauler retrofitted for the combat medic role.

Interesting kit that makes playing medic with this ship less of a chore:

Push drones that you can assign to allies to make them (or yourself) go faster.
Pairs well with slow tanks or help make fast attack ships even more annoying.

Shoots out health packs. Tricky to use, takes some getting used to. Skill shot deployable.
If you hit something the health pack pops and starts tracking closest friendly ship before healing them up over time.

AoE engine disable.
Sounds innocuous but this shit is fkin annoying when it procs right at the worst of moments.
It disables vector change and acceleration for a whole 12 seconds. Your ship will carry on with its current inertia tho.
So imagine you start getting focus fired on and you start to turn and run for closest cover
Then this thing pops and your ship disastrously glide past your intended cover object and continue on into open space.

Best thing about this medic personally however is the fact that its' gun and missiles actually hurts the enemy unlike other medics.
On par with other support DPS ships probably. And with the right setup moves just as fast as the other light attack ships.

Video is a squad on squad action.

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Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:25 pm
by Kine

17-0 Angel of Death

Nice ult baits on the enemy Levi with my shield.
Got him so triggered, I was the only ship he ever shoots at the entire match lolol. Yet he dies to my ship every single time :haha:

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Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:28 am
by Kine

Fkin shitshow amateur hour.


was filled with angry text. who knew one could be salty from winning.